Cbd E-liquids

The Wolf of Cbd offers top quality e-liquids, natural and 100% Made in Italy. Rich in nutrients, such as Omega 3,6,9 to help you go through your day and help with stress and anxiety.

We have a wide variety of Cbd E-liquids, that have been tested to certify purity and quality.

All of our products are natural with no additives of any sort, also suitable for vegans!

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  • AppleBerry

    Appleberry is the perfect combo of apples and strawberry,…
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  • Cookies

    This vape juice is one of our bestsellers, sweet…
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  • Green Apple

    Green apple is a tasty e-liquid, made with natural…
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  • Ice Lemon

    Lemon has a strong and sharp taste, a very…
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  • Ice Mango

    This vape juice is one of our bestsellers, the…
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  • O.G. Kush

    This juicy e-liquid has a strong flavor, very recognizable,…
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  • Redbull

    Redbull is one of our most researched e-liquids. To…
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  • Tiramisu

    Tiramis├╣ is an Italian dessert, the name itself means…
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  • Vanilla

    One of the first e-liquids we ever made, choosing…
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